I’m not the Freedom…

I Always listened to what… your freedom ends where begins that of the others. This phrase resonates today in my very messy head, and resonates badly.

for days I’m playing with the idea that my freedom, or yours, may not end where it begins yours, or where mine ends. Because of this, in addition to continue to resonate, not too well, it seems quite limiting and, therefore, a little less convenient.

freedom can never put, nor will have, any limits because in such a case ceases to be such a thing immediately.

I find it fun to think that your freedom is the mirror into which I peek to recognize my form. And this seems to resonate better inside my head, and maybe also in yours.

perhaps there are those who, of their own volition, not want to understand the previous paragraph but I will, if I give it more spins, I’m surprised to conclude that the last human being on Earth would not be more free than any of their former and unfortunate fellow species. Surely what it would feel like, the last human being, is condemned to the most absolute solitude.

Continuing with this approach, it also gives me the impression that, in the case of the freedoms limited, two human beings could not add never a single true freedom, as neither could find such freedom, the good, in a whole country, even all over the planet.

instead, I am seduced by the idea that my freedom you need, or yes, from yours in all its magnificent extent, because the more I expand you, your freedom, and you, the more we can expand us, mine, and myself.

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infinite Freedom

When they face a mirror to another mirror, the same or differently, do not get two reflections independent but an infinite space that can never be occupied in its entirety. Therefore expose each other to our freedoms cannot lead to another thing, if you do not, that in a boundless freedom.

But, without a doubt, it needed more than a reflection to build a freedom. In fact it gives the impression, and not only in occasions, of which our current freedom might be that same, just a reflection of what should be.

My freedom is born where yours stems anxious and without any impediment and without you I don’t never be nothing. Because the true limits do not contemplate the freedom in the same way that true freedom does not contemplate, far from any limit, whether it is true or false.

I am not freedom, but the one that causes it… Soon we will all be that great person.