You install a parental control on the computer of your children

many parents we are concerned about the use that can make our children of the computer without us to realize. This is why many times we would like to limit the content, images or videos that can be accessed without control. It would be to put a filter depending on the age of the child and its needs so that it can not freely access.

This situation is exacerbated when you every member of the family do not have your own computer, but that is shared with other. Each one tends to have your user account, your files and personal settings but for example, adolescents may find it easy to gain access to information or inappropriate images. In these cases it is very useful to have installed in our computer a program of parental control.

A necessary tool

parental control is a tool especially useful for mothers, fathers, and responsible education that want to prevent children or teens can access web pages inappropriate.

Thanks to the custom filter that typically include you can also use the parental control to prevent other types of users may access web pages with the content you want.

experts recommend parents always accompany their children when they use computers or other devices such as mobile phones or tablets, especially when they are very small. When they are teens there to leave you a little more freedom but we have to establish tools to know what they are watching on the computer. One of these tools is the parental control.

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The parental control is usually allow you to block, monitor and record the use of the computer in certain areas, such as the Internet, in terms of the execution of certain applications or communication with third parties.

Not only is this to prevent the access to inappropriate content for children and teens, but also to control what they do on social networks, if you are victims of attacks by peers or strangers or if they spend too much time in front of the computer instead of studying.

Types of parental control

The own Windows 10 has its own parental control you can activate when you add a minor that will add the parental control according to their age and needs. The parental control feature of Windows 10 offers us to parents or teachers a summary report of the activity carried out by our son, we limited the pages that you access our child, indicating what pages are allowed or what pages are prohibited.

in Addition to parental control Windows 10 blocks adult content and does the same thing with the search, that is to say, if you are looking for something that should not, will not show results or they will be safe.

most of these applications are an application that is installed and managed from the disk in the computer, that we have to configure or check directly on the computer itself on which it is installed.

There are also many parental control programs on the market such as Qustodio Parental Control. A program that is available in Windows and OS X, it helps to limit access to apps and web content on the part of our children either manually or with the help of content filters, are not appropriate according to whether or not the paid version.

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you Can create specific profiles for each child and also limit the time of use of the device. On the other hand, every a short time you will receive a report by e-mail.

Also there are parental control tools Cloud-based such as Norton Online Family, which even allows you to control which users or approve web sites on your PC from any browser over the Internet.

A useful tool

The parental control is a tool with a good use insurance that it will be very useful but we have to always maintain communication with the child and explain that what we have activated.

At the time of the teens can be a point of friction important with our children, especially if other friends do not have limitations in their homes.

For teenagers, it is more advisable to opt for a strategy monitoring more than lock. It is also important to always educate the child in the use of the computer and the Internet, explaining to them with calmness the risks and dangers that they may face. the teenagers should know that the parental control is installed, and that is for your own safety.