Pasta, tuna and tomatoes: is good for the heart, the brain, and to the line!

The fish is loved by all, but for a proper diet  is essential. Fortunately come to the rescue recipes tasty that allow us to eat it without realizing it. Today’s recipe should be made with the fresh tuna as is the one in the box has a lot of oil and salt. If you do not have time, opt for the tuna in the box “natural”.

Proprietà del tonno

The tuna is an oily fish and contains a large amount; of omega 3, essential fatty acids are useful to the heart to reduce heart attacks and strokes. And it’ s also rich in minerals, including phosphorus, important for the brain,and vitamin A.

Proproetà of the tomato.

The tomato is a food low in calories, rich in water and vitamins. A fundamental element of the tomato is the lycopene, which has a strong detoxifying action and also seems to slow down the growth of cancer cells. It also helps digestion and l’elimination of waste data from the protein metabolism. Has a good fiber content and helps the motilità intestinal.


Ingredients for 2 persons:

200 g di tonno fresco

– 140 g linguine or spaghetti

– 100 g cherry tomatoes

– 1 clove d’garlic

– peperoncino, piace

&-; olio e sale q.b.


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The fish is loved by all, but for a proper diet  is essential. Luckily they are in…


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The fish is loved by all, but for a proper diet  is essential. Luckily they are in…

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