Cream of zucchini with shrimp: a dish that is lightweight and very chic!

how about a good soup to eat warm or cold? No, I don’t want to propinarvi the usual soups, but a fresh cream and green with some shrimp that gives it a touch of chic!

Propertiesà zucchini

zucchini has a content d’water higher than 90% and large quantitiesà potassium. there are also fibers,  vitamins (for the più vitamin A and C) and proteins. Help our organism purifying it thanks to the’action is diuretic and laxative, and it seems that in order to prevent urinary tract infections. Thanks all’high content of potassium, are indicated for those who suffer from hypertension. The calories are very, very few (approximately 12 Kcal per 100 g), and thanks to the’folic acid contained in them, favor the digestive processes.

Propertiesà of the shrimp

The crayfish are crustaceans such as high protein content, but with a few fats and sugars. Calories are about 70 Kcal per 100 g. In some people may cause allergies, itchy skin, chills and swelling. The armor is a substance, called astanxantina, which has a strong antioxidant and helps the immune system. Pay attention to the various species, for example shrimp have a cholesterol content which is approximately double compared to the shrimp!

Ingredients (for 2 people

– 1 kg zucchini

–  6 gamber

– half a glass of milk

– half an onion

&-; sale e olio q.b.


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how about a good soup to eat warm or cold? No, I don’t want to propinarvi…

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