Prepare the ice cream without the ice cream and serve it in an original way

these days we mainly fruit-based recipes that, with this hot, are really l’ideal. In addition, these foods are even diet and you’ll put the pounds too, but not everyone wants to stay on a diet and many people prefer recipes that, while remaining very refreshing, not to have the fruit.

L’the food par excellence of the’summer è ice cream, in fact, the beautiful walks are always accompanied by a delicious cone that has the flavors you most love. Not always, forò, you will want to get home and especially to spend any time of money, but there is a’other possibilityà that is fun as well as inexpensive: make the ice cream in the house.

do Not worry you will not need special tools to prepare the ice cream, in fact, today we want to show you how to carry out the preparation without l’use of the famous ice cream.


To make the vanilla ice cream you will need 1 litre of cream, 4 eggs, 200 grams of sugar, and a pinch of salt. You’re ready to start with the preparation?


Divide the red eggs (the yolk) from the white (l’egg white) and beat the first in one’s breakfast bowl with the sugar until quest’last not sarà melted and blended completely. At the end you will obtain a kind of cream.

Now you have to mount the white part, which you have previously put aside, adding a pinch of salt. After completing this procedure, you can merge slowly the two preparations and mix them with care.  later, you’ll have to whip the cream and blend it with the rest of the cream that you have previously joined.

Put them all into a container and put in freezer for about 4 hours. We recommend you to chase the ice cream every 45 minutes to turn it with care, trying, in this way, to avoid the formation of ice.

After the time spent in the freezer, the vanilla ice cream sarà ready! You only have to serve him with the magicà, maybe adding the nutella, but to present it in the ideal way you can approach it in a tasty recipe.

Affogato and banana

Cut two bananas slices,  add to the juice extracted from a lemon,  add 1 teaspoon of sugar and, if you like, a glass of rum. Finally chopped into pieces of almonds.

Now is the time to put the vanilla ice cream, that you prepared earlier, in a small bowl and garnish with bananas and almonds. If you like, you can also chop the chocolate tablet dark chocolate.

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