Sweet on the Nutella cake is cold, to take a break from the diet

Every day we advise you of the recipes read to be consumed during the diet, but not always you can fasten the belt and give up the foods that you want. To lose weight, as we have always said, it takes time and it is always advisable to follow the diet strict that will allow you to lose a lot of weight in a short time. The pounds lost quickly, in fact, will be taken up with a lot of easeà, and, in addition, the body must lose weight slowly. This means that a diet that is well done, if you need to lose many kilos, you will haveà be done for a long period which could last easily a year and it would be ideal to be followed by a nutritionist expert.

Every now and then forò your taste buds need to make some exception, and precisely for this reason today we want to present you a sweet recipe that does not può be absolutely defined can be prepared.

After this short introduction, which, perhaps, will beà to feel less guilty when I eat a slice of this tasty cake, we can submit your recipe today to make the cold dessert with Nutella!

first we indicate the ingredients: chocolate chip cookies (Pan Di Stelle or similar), butter (120gr), milk (200g), fish glue (10g), whipping cream (250g), icing sugar, nutella (10 tablespoons).

Now for the preparation of this tasty home-made dessert. The first thing to do is blend the biscuits and prepare the butter, making it melt in a saucepan over a low heat. After that the butter will be ready, you can add it to the biscuits now crumbled. Filed the batter tasty in the fridge.

Now you switch to the milk from the heat always on fire and must haveà add the sugar, fish-glue until it will becomeà a unique liquid blended in. Finally, let it cool without putting it in the refrigerator.

Start  whip the cream and add the nutella and pour also milk that will help youà to get a batter, if you like, you can also add a little powdered sugar.

Finally, add the various compounds and mixed to obtain a’s only one batter. Placed in the refrigerator for about 2 hours to settle the cake before serving it to your partner or to your friends/family.

As you could see, or better read, the preparation of the cake is very simple and fast, but you will need to have the time to let rest the cake in the fridge. Indeed, remember that it is a cold cake, and for this reason must be put in a cool place for a pò time.

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