Cupcake, the recipe to make the treats americans in the house

Very often we envied the breakfast american that surely can’t be considered a diet, in fact it is not a fast coffee is good for us, but as we do that, but the meal more substantial. Of course not all americans eat this way, but it is difficult to see the lunches in the morning-very heats. Among the many things that we envy the United States, are definitely the delicious cupcake.

you don’t know what we’re talking about? Surely you have seen at least one movie/tv series these biscuits as big as a coffee cup, hence their particular name, which can be used for both breakfast or, whyé no, during your snack time. It would be very cute also farcirli and ornarli in a certain way to make a sweet gift for your partner.

The cupcakes are good and beautiful, but how to prepare? First of all, we want to explain that there is not a single recipe sinceé depends on the taste that you want to give your cakes. Today we want to introduce you to the traditional recipe, this is the cupcake vanilla, but sarà very easy to also prepare the chocolate (we needà to replace the vanilla with the chocolate).


first we want to list all the ingredients that will be simple and genuine: flour (150 grams), sugar (80 grams), eggs (2), butter (120gr), milk (50ml), yeast (1/2 teaspoon), vanilla extract, and, in the end, a pinch of salt.


Now for the preparation that there willà to make these delicious cupcakes. You’ll have to take the butter and the sugar and wash them after they are put in a container. Subsequently, creerà a compound very smooth where you will haveà add all the other ingredients: eggs and flour, vanilla, baking powder and salt. Add an ingredient for a time, paying the utmost attention in the mix everything well.

Finally, after mixed, add the milk and whisk everything with the special whips. Comeà a compound that must necessarily be without lumps to be paid cups that are of the mini oven to put them in the oven, but do not pour the mixture up to’s edge. The baking in the oven will haveà take 20 minutes at 180°.

When these cakes will be ready, willà to start the fun! You l’opportunity to decorate what you think is better, using, for example, the nutella, the ornaments of sugar, but, above all, to buy the paper for them very colorful. Now also in Italy you can find every type of paper baking cups for cupcake that will allow you to give it a look even moreù american your cake.

  • Kamut to reduce the cravings for sweets
  • do Not give up the sweet, be clever

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