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nutritionists and dietitians l’have explained so many times… skipping meals does nothing!and especially the breakfast is one of the main meals that should never be skipped! the breakfast is indeed an important moment of the day to combat the extra pounds and regain the line. Yes, così  and this thesis has been confirmed by a research done by the University of Minnesota School of Public Health where it has been shown that  teens who skip regular breakfast tend to put on weight, while coloros that the consume regularly without skip it weigh less, and enjoy better health.

The study has been reported by the magazine ‘Pediatrics’, after which researchers monitored for 5 years the life style of well-2.216 american teenagers. In this way, you è managed to discover that all the young people at breakfast, did not eat anything weighed an average of 2.3 kilograms in più compared to those who followed a balanced diet in which breakfast was one of the main meals. In addition, the study showed thereò that by the time all of the nutritionists said, namely, that the one who makes breakfast is also physically more active and consume less fat and more fibre, while maintaining the right line in time.

The breakfast room, in fact, if done in the right way, allows a better control l’appetite in the’throughout the day and avoid meals too abundant to lunch and  dinner. Suffice it to say that in the United States, where the majority of the population, even young, is obesia, well 25% of adolescents skip breakfast always. In Italy instead, according to a recent research of Eurisko l’83% of the italians does not give up on breakfast and only 17% of the jumps often, a quantity; equal to more than 8 million people. Research has shown that positive factors, many in fact, make the breakfast, but the other negative, in fact, an average of  the breakfast is very simple and fast, i.e. made with milk, cereal and consumed in just 10 minutes.

breakfast–English for weight loss

To lose weight and keep the line, therefore, is necessary to make a breakfast based on one’nutrition balanced and able to protect us from the attacks of hunger. The breakfast of the italians very often &is simple and very fast with a tea and coffee service is fast at the bar or a cappuccino drink in a hurry, accompanied by a croissant. According to the nutritionists actuallyà the best breakfast to do would be that of the English, to say that è was a research conducted at l’Università of Connecticut. In the study were involved 21 volunteers, divided into two groups, each of which was a kind of a different breakfast. The subjects of the first group in fact consumed protein-rich foods, such as eggs and bacon, while those in the second group have eaten for breakfast a bagel, cream cheese and yogurt.

scholars have therefore verified that those that at breakfast they ate eggs during the day chose then all of the food that had fewer calories, in fact, after having eaten the eggs, the people felt more satiated and not feeling the need to consume fatty foods. Therefore, for the nutritionists, the secret to losing weight is without a doubt a lovely breakfast all’English. Protein rich foods such as eggs, base plate of breakfast all’English,  can help significantly to reduce the possibilityà to eat other foods, which lead to putting on weight. Choose breakfast right is a way to fight quickly the pounds, lose weight and to stay in line.

sweets for breakfast will allow you to throw giù a few pounds

Eat dessert at breakfast helps to fight the extra pounds and lose weight? a joke? no, è absolutely the truthà and è been scientifically proven. To prove it, researchers at Tel Aviv University who have discovered that, by making a breakfast of protein, carbohydrates and also included a dessert, assuming a total quantity of about 600 calories, you canò to lose weight. Wide space therefore to the donuts, croissants filled with nutella, biscuits, glazed and quant’other. In fact, apparently it is much better to consume a dessert in the morning, when the  metabolism è much moreù active, as a consequence in the morning tend to burn off the excess calories with a lot of più facilità.

The perfect breakfast

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