Diet don’t give up the pizza: try the focaccia light

When you diet più hard to do è to give up to carbohydrates, namely, bread and pasta. To address the diet with the smile without deleting from your diet bread you recommend a substitute for bread to eat during the meal to accompany it with vegetables, and with the seconds. This is our focaccia super light that we offer in quest’s article in the variant with vegetables and cherry tomatoes.  you Can eat it as a substitute of lunch, or for a light afternoon snack and tasty in the office.

Normally, diets prohibit the consumption of foods such as focaccia, but just very few and simple tricks to make your focaccia super light. L’main ingredient of our focaccia is the tomato a low calorie food, tasty and healthy, according to some recent studies would be able to prevent l’stroke.

we can’t give up bread and pizza: choose the focaccia light

Recipe of the focaccia, light the cherry tomatoes


for 4-6 persons

Ricetta per l’impasto:

500 grams of flour
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil’olive oil
1/2 cake of yeast
10 grams salt
1 teaspoon sugar
300 ml water

Recipe for the dressing:

100 grams of cherry tomatoes
1 tablespoon oil
1 handful of coarse salt
1 pinch of oregano

Pour the flour in a container, then dissolve the yeast and sugar in 150 ml lukewarm water. After that pour the liquid in the center of the flour. Take l’other halfà of the water that is remained and dissolve in the salt and add l’extra virgin olive oil’olive oil. Finally pour this liquid into the flour.

Mix everything well until the dough is soft, elastic and homogeneous. At this point you need to roll out the dough on a pastry board or on a table with a well-floured surface. You work l’dough, formed a ball, and finally cover it with the celofan, put it in a bowl and leave to rest for about 3 hours with the bowl covered at room temperature.

At this point, the dough of the pizza will be ready. To prepare the stuffing of the pizza, cut the cherry tomatoes metà place on the dough that has been rolled out and schicciali above with a slight pressure. Finally, grease the surface of the pizza with dell’extra virgin olive oil’olive oil, spread l’oregano and add the salt.

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