Cake, almonds and cinnamon

Christmas giving up sweets is really a’s impossible. If, forò you do not want to find yourself after the holidays with some roll too, really hard to throw giù, we recommend that you follow our tips. You have a lot of these days, before all of the institution before the christmas binges, by following our diets the detox for sgonfiarti and feel più lean and fit.

The second rule is to count the calories you consume, choosing the classic dishes of Christmas that are more lean and low calorie. the third fundamental rule is not to give up to eat, but to prepare light recipes with less calories and più lean.

For example you propose to prepare for this excellent cake with almonds and cinnamon to make for Christmas. This is a classic dish of the holidays that sums up the flavors of the beautiful festive days. As well as a flat light this cake is also good for the health in fact, almonds are rich in fatty acids monoinsatur, excellent for the wellness of the’s cardiovascular system.

this Is a cake very easy to make and with a unique flavor, sweet and spicy, given by the cinnamon, one of spices that are più loved and used for the Christmas. Let’s see together how to prepare this excellent back to the almonds and cinnamon, which must be served at the end of the dinner, maybe to those who don’t love panettone. And it’ s also great for breakfast, for a morning all’teaches of the sweetness and christmas spirit.

the recipe for The almond cake with cinnamon


  • 250 grams of almonds (metà to love and to metà sweet)
  • 10 egg whites
  • 100 grams of fructose
  • 150 grams of flour
  • Cinnamon


the first thing you will need to blend the almonds together with the fructose until you get a cream soft. At this point, start to whisk the egg whites to firm snow, with a lot of calm, and always in the same direction, obtaining a thick cream, but compact. Combine all and mix well, adding together to the mix the flour sifted, and at the end well as the cinnamon.

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At Christmas, giving up sweets is really a’s impossible. If, forò you do not want to find yourself after…

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At Christmas, giving up sweets is really a’s impossible. If, forò you do not want to find yourself after…

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