Pasta gratin with broccoli: recipes light health

After the christmas holidays, the days spent at the table, with endless meals, we are left with some roll too, and a certain degree of difficulty; to throw giù the excess pounds. For this is necessary, in the morning after food, get back in shape with a food program, low-calorie, of course, without sacrificing the taste.

For this reason today we propose to you this new recipe for tasty and low-calorie. It is pasta au gratin with broccoli, this is a recipe light and tasty to try to lose weight, but without renouncing to the pleasures of the table. Above all, it is a way different and original in order not to serve at the table is always the “usual pasta”, by combining the well-being of the vegetables with the unique taste of the pasta, all in a flat light.

The real stars of this dish are, in fact, the broccoli, a vegetable that we can buy easily in any season. In fact, these vegetables are rich in minerals and many other nutrients are very important for our body, finally, are a major source of fiber great for regulate the functions of the’s digestive tract and especially of the’intestine.

Due to their high quantityà fiber, in fact, the broccoli are indicated for all people who suffer from constipation chronic thanks to their high content of antioxidants strengthen the immune system, especially in the seasons of the più cold as the latter. Finally, sinceè are composed mostly of water, are a perfect ally against the water retention and cellulite, becauseè help l’body to cleanse and at the same time to get rid of excess toxins. Finally, some recent studies have shown that broccoli is a perfect remedy to solve the problems of the respiratory system such as asthma and lung infections.

Recipe pasta with broccoli


  • 160 grams of whole wheat pasta
  • 150 grams of broccoli
  • 2 tablespoons breadcrumbs
  • grated parmesan cheese
  • extra virgin olive oil’olive oil
  • salt and pepper


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