Test the diet of potatoes and lose two kg in a week

Go crazy for the potato but, you have always been told that to lose weight you need to eliminate from your diet because; they are too fat? Today we’ll offer you the diet that suits you, this is a balanced diet that puts you at the center of the potatoes and that will allowà to lose two pounds in a week. The potatoes, in fact, are not a fatty food, but become so when they are prepared with the cooking of the wrong for example, or fried with plenty of oil.

If potatoes they are cooked and seasoned in the right way they can be a good dietary food. First of all, in fact, potatoes are a very good sotituto bread and pasta because is represent a good source of carbohydrates and starch, but are also much less caloric.

In a hundred grams of potatoes, in fact, are less than 80 calories mhile there are more than 238 in white bread. In addition, potatoes are rich in water, mineral salts and vitamins, especially vitamin C.

So first we try to understand as roast potatoes to make them a dietary supplement. For example, you can cook steamed or baked cooking food always with the skin on, a’excellent source of fiber. Use the potatoes così cooked to prepare a single dish, for example, in a’salad, to create great cakes, tasty patè or dishes. L’important è that does not match the potato bread.

Also, the season always and only with extra virgin olive oil’olive oil poured raw and maybe a bit’ of pepper or apple cider vinegar.

The diet potatoes


Lunch: 120 g of boiled potatoes seasoned with parsley and extra virgin olive oil’olive oil, 160 grams of tuna, green salad, pineapple slices.

Dinner: pie with mashed potato and bresaola salad with oranges, black olives and fennel.


Lunch: 100 grams of baked potatoes with two chicken thighs without the skin

Dinner: 200 grams of follow a famous vicenza codà accompanied by a purè of potatoes, and an apple.


Lunch: 200 gr of potatoes  to the steam accompagante 100 gr of bresaola with arugula, tomato salad.

Dinner: 100 gr ham, 200 gr balls, prepared with boiled cauliflower and mashed potatoes.


Lunch: 200 gr of potatoes and cabbage, seasoned with tomatoes and rosemary, 200 grams of hake steamed with various spices.

Dinner: soup of potatoes accompanied by a’s tomato and cucumber salad.


Lunch: 200 gr of smoked salmon accompanied by 150 grams of boiled potatoes seasoned with sour cream light

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Go crazy for the potatoes, but you have always said that to lose weight you need to eliminate…


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