Make the full of health with the stuffed tomatoes

The tomato is one of the foods that can do more good to our health. This vegetable, which we could define as a true, red-gold, può help in fighting many diseases, in particular, stroke and heart attack. To prove it are many scientific studies that have explained, through careful research, 60% of heart disease, celebrari and nerve you can prevent consuming on a daily basis tomatoes.

in Addition to being a real natural medicine, good health and the prevention of disease, is also perfect for those who’re on a diet. And– in fact, especially rich d’water and calories almost equal to zero. And it’ s an ideal accompaniment for both d’s winter’s summer and is really versatile. Perfect for preparing any dish, and the dish, the tomato può be used to create tasty sauces with the basil, or the flesh, può to become a very good side dish, served cold with l’salad cooked in the oven, or you canò help to flavor meat and fish.

Today we offer you this recipe which is good for your health and also for your diet. This is a recipe of the poor, which comes from the peasant tradition, prepared with simple ingredients, easy to find and inexpensive. The tomatoes are oven-baked and filled with breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, anchovies sott’s oil, but also smells like onion, basil, and parsley.

Recipe for stuffed tomatoes


  • 6 tomatoes
  • 200 grams of breadcrumbs
  • 100 gr of parmesan cheese
  • 6 filets d’anchovies sott’s oil
  • onion, parsley, basil
  • extra virgin olive oil’olive oil, pepper and salt.


wash the tomatoes, then dry them and cut the top cap to each. And then discard the seeds and this helps in a tray to remove the juice. In a frying pan put a wire d’extra virgin olive oil’olive oil, do heat up, then put inside the onion, cut the end, leaving it up to cook it. Put the breadcrumbs, the parmesan, the parsley, the basil and the threads on the d’anchovy seasoning with salt and pepper.

Review a bit’ in the frying pan, only a few minutes, then fill the tomatoes with the mixture. Put them on a baking pan covered with baking paper, allineali and put them in the oven already warm to 180° C for 20 or 30 minutes.

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