Slow Food:When the food is good, clean and fair

You’re probably wondering what sarà never Slow Food. Simple! the Slow Food the other is not; that’s association international not-for-profit, engaged since 1986 in promoting and enforcing the consumption of traditional food, what is good for our health and that is strongly linked to the traditions of our country and our region.

Cosa è Slow Food?

L’association Slow Food è was founded by Carlo Petrini to respond to three main requirements, meaning the food as good, fair and clean. These are the three words that identify the best of the task of the’association.The food is good, clean and fair, then qualityà, natural, and respectful of the’environment. To say it sounds simple, in realityà in the day d’today è very difficult to find a meal that meets these three requirements.

Finalità di Slow Food

We have alreadyà mentioned the purpose of the’association, but going into the detail, Slow Food aims to safeguard the bio-diversityà food, promote food that is respectful of the’s ecosystem, to educate the taste.But how to do this? Slow Food acts concretely through campaigns or events. Is in mind the next Master that terrà, in Caserta, where the protagonists will be the coffee; and chocolate.The master è scheduled for the days 16, 24 and 31  will be heldà at the commercial centre in Campania.Participants will comeà awarded certificate of attendance.

In the’s era of technology, where everything goes più fast in the interpersonal relationships become hectic, treat yourself to the pleasure of food is to become a luxury, especially for those who è forced to eat out and then eat a quick meal. the Slow Food instead of making, as a means to rediscover the pleasure of food and, above all, banish the food genetically manipulated, to choose wisely the natural food and traditional.

Slow Food is present in all of the regions d’Italia, just imagine that up to now has 100 000 subscribers in more than 150 countries, a Sign that the wish to rediscover healthy food, and qualityà common to a pò all.We want to remember the recent activityà operated by Slow Food in Sicily in collaboration  with the Section Operating Device Technical Support dell’s E. S. A., Scicli and l’Unità Operativa Special no. 34  (A. S. C. A.) of Ispica, committed to enhance the bean’s growing them is a natural product and traditional.


To better understand what we’re talking about Slow Food Padova is organizing a Master’s degree in education of the senses, scheduled for the days 16, 23 and 30 May, at Slow food Padua organizes the master in sensory Educationat the headquarters of ANA in via Bajardi-Mortise, Padova. The master is very interesting becauseé with the objective to evaluate and praise the characteristics of the food, to learn to appreciate the qualityà.More information can be found on the website

And for those who is interested to know l’association Slow Food, just log on to, the official website that tells the story of a pò the history of’association, the purposes; and, above all, shows the regional locations where we can find concrete results in the area of residence or otherwise neighboring country.There are also other official sites, recognized by the Slow Food as the web portal dedicated to young people

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You’re probably wondering what sarà ever Slow Food. Simple! Slow Food, the other not è a’association.

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You’re probably wondering what sarà ever Slow Food. Simple! Slow Food, the other not è a’association.

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