Obesity: In New York, all on a diet

L’obesityà is a serious enough problem, absolutely not to be underestimated, and in a moment in which, in addition to information and awareness campaigns, are not doing anything to prevent and combat the overweight, in America, and specifically in New York, enters into force a law that puts everyone on a diet.

New York and the law on dieting

Michale Bloomberg is a mayor different from the others, attentive to the wellbeing of its population; Even if it is constantly being criticized by new yorkers, Bloomberg is continuing to send positive messages, and after the fight against smoking and saturated fats, which this time takes aim at l‘obesityà. And here comes a law that forbids to sell in restaurants, cinemas, fast food outlets, stadiums and carts of street vendors, soft drinks,juices, sugary, soft drinks over 500ml.According to Bloomberg, in fact, halfà of the new yorkers is obese and therefore should be taken serious measures to combat a plague, which forò not è only the american. And for those who break it get up to 200 dollar fine. In short, just coca cola, pepsi ect ect, all on a diet!

A law that makes sense for many, criticized by many forò; Michael Bloomberg, in fact, è was renamed by the americans as the mayor-tata  and the newspapers do not stop the criticism.L’obesityà, as già mentioned, &it is only a problem in america; Just think that in our country there è the più high percentage of obese children compared to the rest of the d’Europe. The regions more affected are Campania and Calabria.Let’s just say, that the proposal of the mayor, Bloomberg opens a scenario of the all-new,as there are no precedents in the matter; And it is thus that the new rules on soft drinks and carbonated drinks, they become something to reflect, on a problem that is always overlooked.

Obesityà and overweight: the Calculation

The problem of the’obesityà, we have dealt with often in the past, becauseé before talking about diet and nutritional patterns, we need to talk about obesityà, and overweight. Sometimes it confuses the’obesityà with the overweight, in fact we tend to associate the two things, in reality; we need to talk about both of obesityà that of overweight. For greater accuracy,both of which depend from the’body mass index i.e. the ratio between weight and height of a person,it expresses the weight of a person;overweight is an excess weight with respect to normalityà, while the’obesityà indicates an excess of fat (i.e. fat). To indicate whether a person is obese or overweight you take into account these data:

  • When the calculation of the relationship between body weight and height, you get a given to between 18/24 it is in normalityà
  • From 25/29, you è overweight
  • From the 29th onwards, is obese. L’obesityà to divide in obesityà mild that it goes 30/34, obesityà average 35/40, obesityà severe 40+

To put it more briefly l’obesityà is a real illness that canò become pathological, that is permanent and chronic, and can; lead to death.

Obesità patologica

As già mentioned, l‘obesityà is not only a sociological concern,sinceé has a negative impact on external relations, but especially the physical, perché endangers the life of an individual.The causes are many, may be environmental, but also genetic, in short, a mix of components which lead a person to become obese. Almost always begins from small to develop a tendency to put on weight, and in addition to the genetic factor, other reasons are at the base dell’ sobesityà infant, as for example, a poor diet, or even a non-existent activity; physical; For this is good from an early age, teaching children about good nutrition and also l’activitiesà in physical play.

What to do to combat the’obesityà

Try to get out from the problem alone is really impossible, especially in the cases più serious; For it is good to rely on experienced and competent people in the field, who will advise on the best, the appropriate therapies and diets to follow. In Italy, there is also the specialized centers in the treatment against the’obesityà. L’important è always remember that in this battle against the’obesityà not è just, you just have to want it!

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