The foods that prolong life

Careful as always to the well-being of our body and our mind, becauseè the “mens sana in corpore sano“ today we want to examine the food, which, as established by researchers and scholars, are able to improve on the qualityà of our life and lengthen as the più possible.

 What are the foods that prolong life?

First  to go into detail, first of all, it is good to understand, what are the foods that prolong life. The experts, in the’going to identify the foods more healthy, have compiled a sort of list, inserting a well – 11 foods that prolong life.And these are:

  •  I frutti rossi
  • L’olio d’olive tree
  • Il cioccolatoazsXD
  • L’aglio
  • L’avocado
  • La banana
  • Il tè
  • I cereali
  • I legumi
  • Le flesh bianche
  • Le verdure rosse

let’s understand in detail the whyé these foods prolong life. First of all, it is helpful to confirm that these foods, we looked at a variety of times, just becauseé nutrients and essential for our body.

red fruits

Of the propertiesà beneficial red fruits we dealt with often, emphasizing the anti-oxidant effects, as they are able to protect our body from free radicals and thus prevent l’aging  mobile phone.See, for example, the blueberry, considered to be the fruit that protects the blood vessels, as well as prevent cellulite, water retention, cystitis and colitis.

L’olio d’olive tree

L’oil d’olive oil is considered to be l’s food, the mother of the mediterranean diet. Recent studies have strengthened l’hypothesis that’ soil d’0liva especially extra virgin olive oil is good to our body as it is rich in vitamin e And antioxidants,that are beneficial to our intestines and stomach, and industry research have enhanced the propertyà anti-cancer therapies.


cioccolator and its propertiesà healthy we from time to time, also becauseé we can’t take too much off our “spirit greedy”. To be more precise, the chocolate contains some substances that are good for our body and our mind, like the flavonoids, polyphenols, theobromine and caffeine, phenylethylamine, and fat. of course, just do not overdo it and it is good to opt for dark chocolate.


Of course we can not say that l’garlic  like at all, in fact often it is; welcome in the kitchen, yet l’garlic contains certain substances healthy that help to make better the qualityà of life.In particular, l’garlic plays an’antiseptic,antidiarrheal ,and with the functions from a vessel dilator.


L’avocado is a fruit rich in fatty acid linolenic acid and Omega-3, for this year’s avocado è able to tackle cardiovascular disease and to prevent l’atherosclerosis. As it is rich In Vitamin E, l’avocado è able to counter l’aging of the skin.

The banana

The banana is rich in antioxidants  and è the fruit, which has a positive effect on blood pressure, rich in potassium and magnesium.

There are many varietiesà , but, in general, is rich in antioxidants, especially substances  the polyphenol, which contrast the spread of free radicals,the main cause dell’s cellular ageing. And recent studies have confirmed the propertyà healthy of the t&is, especially for our cardiovascular system.

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November 10, 2014 alle 22:39

I am 67 years old I am tall 1.60 weight 100 kg, ask for a personalized diet thanks


November 10, 2014 alle 22:42

I am 67 years old I am tall 1.60 weight 100 kg it is possible to have a custom-made diet thanks

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