Legumes: Nutrient and no fat

Tired of eating always the same things? Well is a thought of many, especially of the mothers who never know what to bring to the table during the day. At the end you find yourself cooking a slice of meat and a pò salad, thinking I’ve made the right choice. Actuallyà the flesh, as many know, it’s not always good in fact sometimes it is good to replace it with some other food more healthy for our body, like for example legumes; The legumes are in fact a rich source of nutrients and above all, do not contain fat,and are also a mine of irreplaceable protein, fiber and minerals, ideal blend for the line and for growth.

 Vegetables: the Nutrients, and without fat

The legumes are always considered to be the meat of the poor, becauseé contain the same nutritional value at a lower price. Actuallyà these vegetables are a better food from a nutritional point of view compared to animal proteins, and, above all, spend less.Experts in fact claim that plant proteins, particularly legumes, should be replaced with the più possible to animal proteins, as they are very più acid and therefore promote inflammation.C’è to add also,that vegetable proteins have the same quality; nutrients than animals,as già mentioned, only that they are free of fat and cholesterol: the real cure for our health.

How to eat your vegetables?

having established that the vegetable proteins are less evil than animals, and contain the same nutritional value, we see a pò how they are to be consumed and cooked legumes. Many complain of the fact that legumes cause swelling. In fact, trigger this side effect, but to eliminate this nuisance is well to prepare the intestinal flora to receive the digest and vegetables. Experts advise to consume often legumes, at least three times a week and in doses that are not too abundant, for example, limiting ourselves to consume two or three tablespoons at a time, and above all, to combine with cereals: by doing so, in fact, make the vegetables less heavy, and get a meal satiating.And it’ s good then to know how to cook the vegetables, remembering that the dried ones should be soaked at least for one night, and then their water is to be thrown, and to make them more digestible, you can add 1 or 2 bay leaves or 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds.Also, experts recommend not salting the vegetables instead of salt use fresh sage and oregano, which in addition to give the right flavor, they are rich in calcium, iron and zinc.

 light Recipes based on legumes

Here are some light recipes based on legumes.

  • Omelet chickpeas

This recipe requires the preparation of a batter with a base of chickpea flour and water, and you should get a consistency similar to that of’a beaten egg. You put 30 minutes in the refrigerator, then hit it with the fork to make it fit, and pour in a pan with a little oil. Cook for 10 minutes with the lid and turn 2 times.Also serve with cooked vegetables, such as zucchini, leeks, or spinach.

  • foods you deflate

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Tired of eating always the same things? Well is a thought of many, especially of the mothers…

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