Tricks to lose weight

Lose weight può be really easy, very più of what you believe, what is important and essential is to know and apply of the small tricks that can help you to get fit and to eliminate the extra pounds without having to follow a strict diet and difficult. Are in fact, many small habits that can lead you to put on more than two or three pounds l’year, without that you notice, making you appear more and moreù, round, with rolls of fat.

we See, therefore, the rules for keeping the line around l’year to lose weight and stay in shape with a few simple steps:

1. Eats every thing but pay attention to the quantityà
The first advice is mainly to try to eat a bit’ of everything, without having to give up anything, but simply going to check the quantityà. For example 80 grams of pasta, better if of the integral type, they are perfect for a full meal, better if topped with vegetables, if you’re still hungry then, eat no bread, but of the cooked vegetables, seasoned only with oil and lemon.

2. Use skimmed milk
skimmed milk is much better than the full breakfast, in this way, you will save several calories.

3. Choose a happy hour light
pay attention to’ shappy hour which often is rich in calories. Don’t gain weight you prefer to to chips a dip or pickles, full and have low calories.

4. Eating in company makes you gain weight
Eat in the company può be funny but makes you fat. For lunch, thereforeò do you prefer to consume a meal with few calories and light that you bring from home, without going out to the bar.

5. Attentive to the snack
pay close attention to the machines that distribute snacks of which are often unhealthy and very caloric: for the snack you make in the office instead of bring from home a fruit or eat a small cup of fruit ice-cream.

6. Choose the toppings light
One of the larger mistakes in which you fall when you è diet are the condiments heavy thereforeò always pay attention to sauces and sauces that, even when they seem to read, provide calories that make you fat. At home you can prepare some excellent sauces light with the yogurt and spices, getting zero calories but plenty of taste.

7. For the sauce, use the sauce light
When you cook the pasta always prepare a mixture, the light that dà più a flavour to your sauce, but with a lot less calories.

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Lose weight può be really easy, very più of what you believe, what is important and…

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