How to lose weight on stomach and hips

there Are many women who complain about not being able to lose weight in the critical points of their body, i.e. belly and flanks. If you are one of these we suggest you try the diet. Very simple to follow, low-calorie, but not at all restrictive, you will allowà lose weight là, where you have più need without having to make too many sacrifices or suffer hunger. Delete the fat pads that form on the hips, buttocks and thighs, not è a simple thing, but if you follow our advice and you follow the food program, you can deflate your body, drain the liquid, wake up the metabolism and lose weight.

The first fundamental rule is that of eat carbs only in the morning, when the metabolism è più strong, leaving it instead to the meals of the evening protein and vegetables. We propose a series of options to choose from for each main meal, so as to continue the diet until you have reached your goal.

lose weight stomach and hips

Do you eat breakfast it’s not too late to take of carbohydrates accompanied by some protein to limit l’impact of sugar.

  • salad mixed fruit without sugar, coffee; o thè
  • a yogurt with fruit, coffee; or thè
  • thè green accompanied by sandwich integral with bresaola and rocket salad
  • caffè, and a croissant, the integral

to do a metà in the morning or in the midà afternoon

  • white yogurt light with fruit, diced
  • cured ham without fat or bresaola with grissini breadsticks kamut
  • celery and cucumbers in salad
  • ricotta cheese with bitter chocolate powder

At the lunch, consume mostly lean proteins such as veal, chicken, rabbit, turkey and lamb, and rabbit, excellent fish, any kind, sliced thin, and l’egg white d’s egg. A large use of the vegetables that should be eaten in large quantityà.

  • omelet with two egg whites and herbs of the season, mixed salad, smoked salmon
  • sliced beef with porcini mushrooms, a’s mixed salad
  • chicken breasts to a plate, seasoned with herbs, cheese, raw defatted
    baked fish with a side dish of vegetables to the plate such as bell peppers, zucchini, and eggplant
  • beef burger with rocket salad and tomato
  • vegetable soup, bresaola and rocket salad, grilled vegetables
  • tuna steak with a side dish of fresh mushrooms in salad
  • cured ham without fat, accompanied by a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes.

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