The best ideas for a quick meal, but super light

You follow a diet slimming, but you have very little time to prepare the food. We understand the difficultiesà for the women of today, between work, the gym, the children and the cleaning of the house, in the cook dinner or lunch time and create dishes that are also light and dietary supplements.

this is why we created a series of alternatives to create dishes light, but also simple and fast to prepare. In this way you will not fall into temptation by preparing dishes rich in fat and calories, follow your diet slimming, and you’ll have to eat your whole family in a healthy way without scapicollarti.

Le idee per un pasto veloce e light

frozen foods: usually in the diet are advised against the frozen ready meals is because; they are rich in sodium and additives, but there are also many frozen meals that are good, light and rich in mineral salts, and fibre. For example, the fish sticks or fillets, and put them in the oven just arrived home and bake in minutes. Warm and fragrant will allow you to eat even the fish of your children and keep the line.

mega salads: The salads are a great solution when you don’t know what to make for dinner and most of all they have a very limited time. Take a bowl inside and add a mixed salad, corn, tomato, black olives and tuna. You can also prepare a’s chicken salad that is super light and delicious.

Dough: A nice pie è l’ideal to eat vegetables and create a unique dish. Put the pastry in the , then farciscila as you wish by choosing among the vegetables that you have at home, like broccoli, spinach, ricotta cheese, prosciutto, zucchini, tuna or tomatoes. Then serve the pie cut in slices to make the whole family happy.

The Sandwiches diet: the sandwich può also be light and at the same time delicious. Opt for this solution when you have the minutes counted. Cut a few slices of wholemeal bread and farciscilo with salad, tuna, tomato, but also smoked salmon and rocket salad, bresaola and ham.  A tasty meal, that satisfies and that can be prepared in a few seconds.

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