Guacamole: salsa light for your dishes when you’re on a diet

To lose weight not c’è nothing better than dishes that are flavorful, but light, made with ingredients that off hunger and keep you satisfied in a hurry. In our help, for slim eating always the one that goes there, c’è the guacamole, a sauce that comes from mexican cuisine and that promises to give taste to our dishes without adding a calorie in più. The guacamole può be used in cooking to enrich the salads, to create a delicious appetizers light and make a snack nutrient. This is a sauce that has a’ancient origin and that it was prepared even from the Aztec.

The original recipe of this delicious sauce provides l’s use of avocado, chopped, flattened and seasoned with salt, lime and black pepper. There are forò a number of variants and the original recipe today, we add tomato, onion, and garlic, while the Americans love to eat it together with the sour cream or mayonnaise, even if preparations are usually considered the “lower” becauseè to cover the delicate flavor of the’avocado.

let’s See how to prepare at home the guacamole for the seasoning of our dishes so light withoutò give up taste.

salsa Guacamole


  • 2 avocados very ripe,
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 spring onion
  • 200 grams of very ripe tomatoes
  • lio virgin d’olive oil
  • 1 lime (of which we will use both the juice and the zest)
  • chili pepper
  • salt and pepper


first stripper l’avocado and cut it into small cubes. Then take a metà and cut in small cubes, keep it aside, while l’other, mash it with a fork dento a bowl to create a soft cream. Add the finely chopped onion, l’garlic and peperonincino, mix, and merge in the tomato sauce, diced.

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