Drinks that make you lose weight

Not only food to lose weight we can also ingest a number of drinks that can help us to purify l’body and lose weight in a balanced way, stopping the hunger, and whyé no, helping us to lose weight with taste and without difficultyà. Often, in fact, when we are on a diet, we are very careful on what we eat, but we do not pay absolutely attention to what we ingest when we drink.

drinks that make you lose weight


the first thing when we diet, we need to increase the consumption of water. Every day you should drink at least two liters of natural water. Make sure that it is not sparkling, becauseé otherwise, there gonfierà the stomach. In addition to purifying l’s body and make us feel fit and free, l’water also helps to stop hunger and to get the stomach when we feel hungry. Before each meal drink two glasses d’water and you will immediately feel più satiated.

fruit juice

The fruit juice are often banned from diets becauseé are full of sugar and preservatives. To make the juice light, you can buy it with a’high percentage of fruit and a low sugar. That way you’ll be full of fruits and you will feel satisfied. You can also prepare a nice juice to drink at breakfast or as a snack with a’orange. Or a nice smoothie, fresh from drinking on the beach with ice and fruit puree, such as banana, mango, or melon.

Smoothie vegetable

To lose weight and feel full are also excellent smoothies of vegetables, prepared vegetables, super light, and spices, such as celery, carrots and tomatoes with a little d’extra virgin olive oil’olive oil, salt, and pepper. A cup of this bibitone contains about 41 calories, is high in fiber and helps to optimize the work of your intestines.


The caffè è deprived of calories, especially if you drink it without sugar. If you like you can also spot them with a drop of soy milk, or drink it stretched. Helps l’mood, and concentration, but above all, according to some studies, it helps combat cancers, and type 2 diabetes.

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