Diet: the foods that stimulate l’appetite

You are perpetually on a diet, but the ninth can you ever to lose weight how would you like to? Maybe you’re not crazy, and c’è a logical reason for not being able to lose weight as you would like. In fact, there are some foods that stimulate the’appetite and drive us to eat more; not following the diet.

The study on the foods that stimulate the’appetite

this Is foods that seem to be catered to, but in reality are not, but on the contrary, lead us then to put on weight. To say Marjorie Nolan, a scholar, dell’American Dietetic Association, talking about a list of foods that, although light, still contain lots of calories and stimulate the’appetite. We try to discover them.

the foods that stimulate your appetite

1. Yogurt light
L’we ate it all at least one time by putting us on a diet, instead it seems that the sweet taste of the yogurt causes in the stomach, production of gastric juices, which lead to the development of a sense of hunger. Better to eat then the Greek yogurt that is low in fat &is very creamy and has lots of protein. You canò eat with a little’ of cereals, walnuts, pine nuts or almonds, or fruit chopped.

2. The rice Cakes
Are one of the diet foods more consumed in the world. This snack has forò has little fiber and a high glycemic index, therefore, will not stop the hunger and does not satisfy for nothing. Better then to eat carrots or celery, which stop the hunger and keep you satisfied.

3. Green salad
L’salad appeases the hunger, but only for a short time, after which we again want to eat something. Better then to eat l’salad, rich in fiber, along with protein, like chicken breast or tuna to the natural.

4. The Chewing gum
Very often, when we are hungry and we don’t know just what to take a bite we set off on a chewing gum, for engaging the mouth and quench the urge to take a bite out of anything. But according to experts, chewing the chewing gum is counterproductive to the diet, because it; chewing gum stimulates in our stomachs production of gastric juices and in essence prepares our body for a real meal. Better then to nibble on something healthy and low-calorie, rich in fiber, and precious vitamins, such as carrots, celery or fennel.

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to throw

10 dicembre 2014 alle 15:43

Eliminerò crackers, l’I have also read in other articles that have a glycemic index high. With the herbalife diet I don’t have a lot of hunger between meals and l’other, but as alone, I realized that the fruit, an apple, a peach should be the best thing!

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You are perpetually on a diet, but the ninth can you ever lose weight how would you like to? Maybe you’re not crazy…


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You are perpetually on a diet, but the ninth can you ever lose weight how would you like to? Maybe you’re not crazy…

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