A diet without the scale: here is how to calculate the portions

When you put on a diet the worst thing is; having to weigh all foods on the scale. Not just having to eat less, reduce the portions and consume also what we don’t like (see broccoli boiled in the place of a nice piece of margherita pizza!). To effectively lose weight need a diet& slimming balanced that you help us to lose weight, and to reduce the rolls of fat without efforts. Also, to make it even more effective in your diet, you can use a small trick, and renounce the balance, to not feel demoralized when weighing the pasta you are going to read only 70 grams instead of the usual 100 grams. (another secret is that not to say that it is a diet!)

A diet without the balance

Calculates the portions of your diet without the scale

To say good-bye to the balance you servirà just a cup from caffèlatte, the ones you use for the breakfast and that has a capacity of 250 cc., that is a correct part for the daily vegetable (180-250 grams). With regards to fruit  and vegetables, the number is counted, such as apples, apricots, oranges or artichokes, the tomatoes, the carrots. Here is a simple chart to calculate their servings to eat without having to use the scale.

Calculation of portions of fruit

– apricots: 4 (200 grams)
– watermelon: a slice (600 grams)
– orange: a (200 grams)
– the juice is d’orange: a glass (250 grams)
– bananas: a medium-sized (100 grams)
– cherries: 10 large enough (70 grams)
– strawberries: one cup (150 grams)
– kiwi: 2 medium size (200 grams)
– mandarins: 3 (200 grams)
– apple: a fairly large (170 grams)
– the plums: 3 very small (100 grams)
– grapes: a bunch of 20 grapes (100 grams)

Calculation portions of vegetables

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