Weight loss with the intragastric balloon plant

Comes from the United States a new method of weight loss that promise miracles to those who since a whole life is in the struggle against the extra pounds (often very many if you are talking about obesityà) and with the difficultyà to lose weight even when you follow the different weight loss diets. These people and many others, have chosen to lose weight with the ball stomach vegetable. dell’s latest discovery in the field of weight loss and promises incredible results in just a few days. the

The intragastric balloon plant to lose weight


The ball stomach vegetable in essence, just as the name implies, is a balloon of silicone, which, through a simple, gastroscopy, is inserted into the stomach of the patient. This balloon is empty, once stacked in the stomach, verrà filled with a solution of gastric or with l’air (depends on type), after which begins the therapy of weight loss that lasts a maximum of 6 months. After this period, the intragastric balloon plant will beà again removed.

How it works

The ball stomach vegetable allows you to lose weight by working in a way that is easy and simple. After being applied to the balloon is inflated all’interior of the stomach and confers an immediate sensation of fullness and sazietà not just eat  something.

lose weight with the intragastric balloon plant

Several studies have shown that the balloon plant is highly effective for weight loss. This system, in fact, would lose from 5 up to 15 pounds, but in some cases certain people have also lost 22 pounds. The problem, if anything, is when you remove the gastric balloon plant, because it; to recover quickly the pounds lost and, in some cases, are taken even moreù.

contra-indications in the’use of the intragastric balloon plant

As with every surgical treatment for the slimming, the intragastric balloon plant può cause of the problems can also be severe. For example, in some cases, you è broken the ball resulting in the patient’s onset of urine green.

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