The ice cream from eat to diet: calories

Summer… want to ice cream! The beautiful season è arrived, hot, pure, and between the diets and the fight without quarter to the cellulite we also want to concererci a good ice cream. This food, in fact, one of the più loved by the italians, è fresh, tasty and delicious! There are many flavors, one giù delicious dell’s another, and that is crafted or packaged, è really hard to give up.

so, What to do, not to suffer giving up the ice cream? Simple, we are trying as always to understand what are the tastes that you can eat and which are not, and learning to understand that we must not give up ever no food (because, as we have said più times we must not demonise any kind of food), but simply need to know to take the right amount; in an intelligent way. (also try the diet of ice cream)

In reality; in fact, the ice cream has a lot less calories than pensiema, first of all, is a food very complete because it is rich in proteins, mineral salts, lipids, soluble sugars and vitamins. For this reason it is often recommended by nutritionists as a substitute for meals.

Eat ice cream: how to choose the least calorie

But how to eat ice cream even when we are on a diet? Simple, just choose the tastes of the less caloric, the different energy value of this dessert, in fact, varies depending on its ingredients. The più high calorie content are the ice creams that are prepared with the egg yolks d’egg, milk and sugar. Those fruits are less caloric because; they are prepared with the pulp of the fruit, l’water and sugar. Therefore, you can enjoy the latter without any sense of guilt and in full libertà.

ice cream less caloric

we See, therefore, what are the ice cream less calories and how to choose them according to the taste:

  • a cone in the middle of pistachio ice-cream: 180 kcal
  • a cone in the middle of the hazelnut ice cream: 170 kcal
  • a cone of average vanilla ice cream: 140 kcal
  • a cone in the middle of the yogurt ice cream: 132 kcal
  • a cone in the middle of fruit ice-cream: 130 kcal
  • a cone in the middle of ice-cream lemon: 110 kcal
  •  a cone of average strawberry ice cream: 110 kcal
  • a cone in the middle of the ice cream to soy: 100 kcal

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Summer… desire for ice-cream! The beautiful season è arrived, hot, pure, and between diets and…

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