Foods not to eat in the evening to avoid putting on weight

There are a few tricks and some rules that we can abide by to be able to lose weight più quickly and without special efforts, only by following a balanced diet. One of these rules is to avoid certain foods during the evening. Certain foods, in fact, it is better to eat them during the day because it; is disposed before and will not earn the calories. Let’s see what are in order to avoid it and lose weight.

foods to not eat in the evening

Le Creme spalmabili

If you eat during the day, you can dispose of the più quickly and with no problem, but in the evening I try absolutely to avoid the Nutella and butter d’peanuts, which are grassissimi, which are rich in calories and make you gain weight.


L’alcohol in the evening, not only does not sleep, how you think, but it alters the sleep and makes you wake up more hungry than ever.

chocolates filled

The nougats and filled chocolates are loads of sugar create a’alteration of glucose annoy your rest and relaxation and, above all, are full of calories making you gain weight.

Il Gelato

The ice cream is full of sugar, but, as we have said, the più times, not is harmful. Avoid forò you want to eat it in the evening because; the sugar is an exciting that keeps you from sleeping, while during the night you can not dispose of the accumulated fat and tallow  much moreù.

Le Patatine

The fries are some of the foods più rich calories but poor in nutrients, good for the’body. Avoid them always and concedetevele  only from time to time.

La Carne rossa

it’ s very difficult to digest , and could interfere with a night’s rest, which also causes an accumulation of fat.

Il Pane

always Avoid carbohydrates the evening is because; they are difficult to dispose of, better to eat them  at lunch, the best way is the integral.

La Pizza

Even if you feel like pizza in the evening avoid it, because it makes you fat if you eat and go to sleep because; you are idle and do not dispose of what you have eaten. Avoids then the pizza with tomato sauce, because it creates acid, and does not rest well.

Cakes and pastries

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