The lemon sorbet is tasty and anti-cellulite

The cellulite you fight first of all at the table, with a’s healthy and balanced diet and, above all, focusing on those foods that deflate, eliminate the rolls of fat and the bearing, promote diuresis and l’elimination of the skin d’orange. What to eperò in the summer, when we desire something cool and sweet as ice cream? Better not to fall into temptation and cut the calories with a fresh lemon sorbet, l’ideal for a fine meal or a tasty snack. The prepare in a few minutes and is really delicious, rich in vitamin C and essential items.

The lemon is a great ally to fight cellulite and the skin d’orange and lose a few pounds. If you like you can also try the diet lemon that it cleans, nourishes and makes you lose weight.

Via cellulite with lemon sorbet

recipe for lemon sorbet

Ingredienti: (per preparare 6 sorbetti)

  • 100 ml d’water
  • 50 ml lemon juice
  • 200 grams of sugar
  • peel of two lemons large
  • an egg white d’s egg


Pour in a container the lemon juice, sugar, l’water and the lemon peel. Then stir well to dissolve the sugar, and allow the lasagne to rest for about two hours the bowl in your fridge. When the time pull out the container from the refrigerator, break the crust surface with the knife and mix well with a spoon and sift the whole by removing the skins of the lemon. In the meantime, in a separate bowl assemble the egg whites until stiff and add all of the mixture that you had previously obtained. Mix well and pour the prepared all’inside another container and leave to thicken for at least eight hours. Finally, your delicious lemon sorbet with anti-cellulite sarà ready!

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cellulite is fought first at the table, with a’s healthy and balanced and above all…


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cellulite is fought first at the table, with a’s healthy and balanced and above all…

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