Aedes Aegypti support of combat ica, dengue, chikungunya? Sim!

Attention: the measure does not mean that we can lower the guard against the problem (Photo: Genilton Jose Vieira/HEALTH is Vital)

The technique is unusual, but, in the places in which it was applied, showed great responses: the number of larvae of Aedes fell in up to 90% and the mosquitoes newly mature has decreased by 95%. All this in 15 days. The logic is simple: researchers have created a kind of trap for the insect, causing it to even load the larvicida pyriproxyfen to where it reproduces.

Held in Manacapuru (AM), Fiocruz Amazônia, the study lasted two years. Were selected 100 locations distributed throughout the city, which served as the basis of monitoring, the so — called breeding sites. Then, 1 thousand containers with the substance toxic to the larvae were left to by the municipality. These stations counter-cyclical contained water and were dark. Everything to attract the “prey”.

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The method works because the Aedes lays its eggs in several places. That is, when the leaves at the office that contains the poison, they die.

And more: the larvicida does not kill the adult vector, but ends up sticking in their paws. To go back to other breeding sites, therefore, the mosquito spreads the poison and kills the offspring.

The possible impact of the experiment was calculated by the scholars. They concluded that, if the reduction rates are similar in other urban centres, an outbreak is going to disappear quickly, without turning epidemic.

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The challenge in 2017 is precisely this: to test other cities and scenarios. Despite this, the checks represent a strategy for fast and low complexity in combating dengue, zika, chikungunya, and other disorders caused by the insect.

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