Nine books that help overcome health problems

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literary Works to assist in combating a number of diseases (Illustration: Sérgio Bergocce/HEALTH is Vital)

Have a good book near you can take away the anxiety, depression, and many other conditions affecting the physical well-being and emotional, according to the writers of british Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin. The duo has just published in Brazil the work of the Pharmacy Literature (Verus), which brings together reading tips for nearly 200 ills. Check out nine of them:

Beber demais

Leia: O she’s, Stephen King

The chronicler and alcoholic Jack Torrance goes to work as a caretaker in the Overlook Hotel which is closed during the winter. Torrance takes with the wife and son of 5 years old, who completely lost confidence in him after an access of fury motivated by drunkenness. The harsh environment is perfect for the emergence of the ghosts of the past – in the literal sense and figurative. Accompany the transformation of Jack will make you think twice before you abuse of the drinks.


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Ser baixinho

Leia: O Hobbit, de J. R. R. Tolkien

Your size always bothered? Is the target of jokes and pranks immature about the stature? Therefore follow the example of the hobbit Bilbo baggins, a small creature with large feet and hairy that came out of the comfort of your own home to live one of the greatest adventures of Middle Earth with dwarves, elves, humans, and even a dragon. The work, which serves as a prelude to the trilogy the Lord of The Rings, proves that not every hero needs to be giant: the inches less in height are a huge advantage on some enrascadas.

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Cover: abr.the/hobbit, the

Fadiga da cidade

Read: Grande Sertão: Veredas, by João Guimarães Rosa

If concrete, the traffic and the rush are destroying your morale, there is no better cure than diving head-first into prose and intricate backcountry Riobaldo. He tells stories through which he passed in his wanderings by the mythical countryside of Brazil. There are stories of love and hate, God and Devil, gunmen against foremen… The pilgrimage through the paths of the miner Guimarães Rosa will make the reader wiser and ready to face the difficulties of life and of the metropolis.

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Sentir culpa

Read: Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoevsky

Nothing that you have made will arrive at the feet of Rodion Raskolnikov. Unemployed, the character decides to murder an old lady miserly that you rented a room. As if that weren’t enough, he is spotted by the sister of the victim and to cover up the crime, the forest also. It gets worse: another man takes the blame for the massacre. The remorse does Raskolnikov aimless wandering of St. Petersburg, in Russia. Only the support of the companion Sonia will relieve the weight from your back and bring the possibility of a future redemption.


Uso de drogas

Read: Brave New World, Aldous Huxley

In the future conceived by Huxley, babies are manufactured in incubators and the population is in a constant stupor by a drug called “soma”. Everyone is required to consume 2 grams of the substance per day, described as christianity without tears, which causes a state of grace perennial. The scenario changes when John, the savage that lies at the margin of civilization, begins to question the values of this society extremely addicted.

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Ficar sem dinheiro

Read: The Great Gatsby, Francis Scott Fitzgerald

No one is happy with the amount that you own in that account. It seems that always lack a bit to pay the debts, or to realise the project of years. This is the impasse that haunts the baladeiro James Gatz. He made a fortune by methods, let’s say, unorthodox. His desire is to win back the heart of the beautiful Daisy. To attract the attention of the lady, gives festanças and spend rivers of money with superficialidades. With time, he realizes that there are things that the bufunfa not purchase – and, in the opposite direction, can even erode.


Lack of

Read: the Book of Restlessness, of Fernando Pessoa

Ella and Susan believe that this volume has the power of a sleep aid. Calm, they don’t want to offend the style of the famous Portuguese poet. According to your experience, this novel without a plot leaves one in a state of pre-sleep perfect in periods of insomnia. Note the assistant bookkeeper Bernardo Soares in your life incredibly monotonous, but full of dreams. And do not be upset if you doze off in reading. There is no crisis in continue where you left off the other day…


Vício em internet

Read: The a cidade e as serras, by Eça de Queirós

The brazilian looks for the phone 75 times every 24 hours. In the midst of the avalanche of notifications, it is difficult to start from the virtual to take advantage of the real. The remedy is to know Jacinto, who lives in Paris bubbling of the 19th century and is an admirer of the technologies. Everything changes when he discovers that a storm devastated the Portuguese city of their ancestors. He returns home and he loves the routine of the field. Nothing compares to the bucolic setting to tame the hearts of high-tech.

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Medo da morte

Read: one Hundred years of solitude, Gabriel García Márquez

The awareness that one day we will not be more here is what separates us from the irrational animals. If this notion generates anxiety and hinders the daily life, a good measure is to read (and reread) the classic Gabriel García Márquez. The work follows the history of the Buendía family, who lives in Macondo, “a village of twenty houses of mud and bamboo”. The events repeat themselves in a cycle within a century. Throughout the paragraphs, you will get used to the idea that death is natural and is part of the trajectory of all.


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