Joan Massagué vende ilusiones —


the Joan Massagué, director of the Program Biología and Genética del Cáncer Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, and devoted his time –and your team – to seek “packages of genes” that could act as markers clínicos development metastásico. In other words, groups of genes that can be used to know antelaci’n if a tumor can cause a metástasis and the células cancer spread to other ’bodies. Massagué claims to have already identified the genes responsible of the malignant tumors of the breast go to the pulm’n in a paper published in Nature.
Así manifest’ during a conference held last summer at the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo of Santander, where, in spite of it all, recognized it’ today “the best medication against the cáncer is to quit smoking". Is más recognized’ implícitamente the failure of the treatments quimioterápeaks: “The new developments are aimed to reduce this type of therapies”,, he said. Here’n, after being cured in health, saying that there are therapies clábasic “very effective in certain tumors” –those products whose molémovies go against “targets specific”- admiti’ without the bat “the conventional therapy, in general, is very rude”.
For Massagué the challenge for researchers báphysical of the cáncer happens in the present, get a fármaco against the angiogécluster biogenesis, the other one against the proliferaci’n cell scrambling, and a third to cause the death of the célula tumor. Ensuring that the decision of the 1st three together hará the treatment más effective. Something to consider’ as possible, because “we are no longer flying blind".
&are you;Oh, no? Then, &are you;qué warned’ he can’t get any date to the appearance’n of these new treatments? &are you;And whyé beyon’ because that what you find not beá as to apply a antibi’tico in case of infection’n? 

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