> Aids: treatment, there are and the Hiv-può be defeated

Will be more than 25,000 people who will participate in the XIX International Aids Conference planned in Washington for the day ranging from 22 to 27 July. Scientists, activists and international stars and politicians will discuss how to find the money, because" now this is what it is. The science in recent years has made available the tools needed to defeat the HIV epidemic in the world.

there is also the hope of getting to develop a permanent cure, one that does not require the person infected by HIV to take drugs for whole life.

your Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, the Nobel prize for medicine in 2008, which leads to hope: “there are promising developments”.

For a scientist, the path to follow could be in front of our eyes, and è the case of the “Berlin patient”.

this Is a man hiv-positive, but the sick, also of leukemia. The work of transplantation with marrow from a person immune to HIV, the man is healed from all the diseases.

another hope comes from the understanding of the mechanisms by which the virus manages to blend in in the human body and then suddenly come out into the open.

Barre’-Sinoussi explains that in theory the tools to defeat hiv / AIDS, are già at the disposal of the authoritiesà, world health. According to the scientist, “the computer models tell us that if we can give antiretroviral treatment to all by 2050, the epidemic would disappear”.

To hinder usò have organisational and financial mechanisms that represent a problem is very strong. Which is why from the conference, he explained the scientist, we expect a clear political commitment to “ensure access to care for increase the search.”

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22 luglio 2012