> Exit, surgery prenatal that save the life of the unborn child

Takes the name of the Exit stands for ex utero intrapartum treatment, this is the new technique that will allowà to intervene, before the separation between mother and baby, in the time of caesarean section when the life of the unborn child is at risk.

There are circumstances related to fetal anomalies such as heart disease, lung problems or injuries of the thoracic spine is that in the delivery room may also affect the resuscitation of the newborn. In summary, there are children who are born in the clinical conditions compromised which could put its survival at risk, so here’s the chanceà to date from Exit to intervene before the detachment of the umbilical.

The first center in Italy that applies this technique arises from the experience gained between the Hospital Bambino Gesù, Rome and the Policlinico Agostino Gemelli.

so Far, the Centre Exit Child Gesù – Twins è occurred in the month of July, on two different occasions by removing the problems with the unborn child still in the womb of the mothers,  that would have threatened the life of a little girl and a baby.

The technique to intubate the infant before the start of the delivery ensures proper oxygenation in all the various stages.

there Are 15 operators involved, the baby is extracted partially in the course of caesarean section without detachment of the placenta. Then is intubated and only after that you can proceed with the delivery.

Maurizio Guizzardi, director of the Twins, he commented that “you canò do innovation without burdening costs” and that the collaboration “is a good news for Rome and for Italy.”

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Rome is the first center in Europe specialized in the technical Exit

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31 luglio 2012