> Under six hours of sleep vaccines are less effective

not getting enough sleep makes you less effective vaccines, increases così the exposure to the risks of infection with an increased exposure of the subject to the attack of the virus.

a little Sleep, then, makes the vaccines less effective, to report it is a research completed by the Università of Pittsburgh.

You know già that if the hours of sleep are insufficient, the body pays the consequences in terms of health, but now in the last study, made in the Usa adds a new drawback.

According to the study, it is necessary to sleep more than 6 hours to make it that the vaccine does not lose its effectiveness, those who sleep less è più subject to a reduction in the antibody response that is the basis of protection offered.

The researchers, led by Aric Prather, have been involved in research 70 women and 55 men with an age between 40 and 60 years of age, all in good health and not smoking.

The volunteers were vaccinated against hepatitis B using three doses of the vaccine. The first è was administered just in the initial stage of the search, the second a month later and the third after six months from the first dose.

Subsequently there have been detected levels of antibodies after the first dose of the vaccine, a further detection is made at a distance of six months from the last vaccination.

In the follow-up period, the volunteers kept a diary in which they wrote down the hours of vigil, those of sleep and also the qualityà of the sleep.

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The data, posted on the magazine Sleep, have noted that the lack of sleep and antibodies, which the immune system produces to counter the attacks of pathogenic agents, can be reduced or blocked in their action.

The data refer to the antibodies of the volunteers who slept less than six hours a night were among the più effective. Già an hour more of sleep, according to the data, makes the difference.

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2 August 2012