> Implanted in Padua, the heart pump with minimally invasive techniques

The patient must be implanted with a heart pump enough to support the heart, but instead of the chest opening è was made a small incision of 10 cm below the left pectoral.

this Is an intervention which could be defined as sci-fi, certainly unique and never done in the world.

To transform this technique in realityà è was the team of the Hospital of Padua, led by professor Gino Gerosa.

so Far, interventions of this type were performed with the complete opening of the sternum, the doctors, instead, are managed with a minimally invasive technique to implant heart pump called the Jarvik 2000.

The patient, a man of 67 years old, suffering from a severe dilated cardiomyopathy, has weathered the post-operative course also thanks to the procedure set in the act.

The professor Gerosa explained that for the insertion of the axial pump are not è was necessary to completely open the sternum “preserving the integrityà bone of the chest wall to the side”.

Thereò has allowed to the patient, who would have had difficultyà to “bear the consequences of an operation with the conventional technique”, to overcome brilliantly the postoperative phase.

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3 agosto 2012

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