> The “skin spray” that speeds up the healing of leg ulcers

a kind of bandage to the skin carried out with a spray, this will be the new way to heal the wounds.

it Is a spray able to heal the skin and may be a novità important for those who, for example, suffers from injury, ulcerative to the legs for circulation problems and disorders, venous.

The “skin spray” is a mix of skin cells, such as keratinocytes and fibroblasts, quiescent but viable. The cells are linked to a protein that plays a central role in the blood coagulation process, the fibrinogen.

The product, developed by a companyà the us &is still under experimentation. However è was the subject of a research, carried out by researchers at canadian and american, published on the Lancet.

The researchers tested the spray on 228 people, all with venous ulcers of the lower limbs. The results seem encouraging, the 7 volunteers on 10 have healed after about 3 months, against the middle temple of the six months needed with the traditional therapies.

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5 agosto 2012

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