> Chemotherapy may promote cancer development

The chemotherapy could facilitate the growth of the cancer, to report the news is a study published in the scientific journal Nature.

The chemotherapeutic treatment is one of the solutions più used to counter the growth of the cancer, but, according to us researchers for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Seattle, may affect healthy cells, such as those that are in close proximityà of cancer of the prostate or of the ovaries or breast, stimulating the production of a protein capable of promoting the development of cancer.

Also, according to Peter Nelson, who coordinated the team of researchers, chemotherapy may make the più resistant cancer cells to subsequent treatments.

Nelson explained that the activitiesà of the protein in question is called WNT16B, which affects the cancer cells più nearby “them to grow, propagate, and più important of all, resist to subsequent treatments anti-cancer was completely unexpected”.

The news è certainly a tile at the head of the fight against cancer. The unexpected discovery of the fact confirms other studies that referred to as certain types of cancers respond positively to the first cycle of chemotherapy, and then develop a resistance to the next.

The researchers, however, are già on the hunt for solutions. On the basis of the data, the benign cells damaged by chemo invigorate the growth of the cancer, but you might find a solution to inhibit the action of protein as a “an antibody to WNT16B, taken during chemotherapy, which may locate the answer is killing more cancer cells”.

The other possibilityà recommended by the scholars, it could be that lowering the dose of chemotherapy.

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6 August 2012