> Grapefruit juice can decrease the doses of the anticancer drug

To support it is a american research of the University of Chicago Medicine. The results, published in the magazine Clinical Cancer Research, they report that the combined use of medication and grapefruit juice could lower the side effects resulting from high doses of anticancer drugs.

The researchers found that grapefruit juice increases by about 350% the effects of sirolimus.

This last is a drug used on patients who have undergone a transplant, but that could also be useful for people affected by cancer. Another molecule affected is the ketoconazole which, according to experts, increases the effects of sirolimus-500%.

Ezra Cohen, who coordinated the work, explained that “The grapefruit juice dramatically increases blood levels of these drugs. A controlled administration of grapefruit juice might increase the effectiveness and availabilityà of drugs such as sirolimus”.

The team of researchers examined 138 persons affected by an incurable cancer, for which traditional therapies were ineffective.

The characteristics of the “medicine” of the juice of the grapefruit reside on its capacity to inhibit the enzymes that break down sirolimus and several other drugs in the intestine.

This inhibition, the researchers explained, activates a few hours after its intake, then decrease slowly in the following days.

The patients involved in the recruitment of combined grapefruit juice with the drug resulted in a reduction of the doses of the medicine anti-cancer while maintaining unchanged the effects.

The sirolimus, as a secondary effect, può providing important gastrointestinal problems.

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9 agosto 2012

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