> Influence, progress towards a universal vaccine

The way to the testing of vaccines universal, effective in the case of mutation of the virus, seems to be drawn.

Researchers from the netherlands and americans have discovered the characteristics of the protein CR9114 unable to join to the surface of strains of virus A and B making inefficacie their potential to be infectious.

The discovery could radically change the modeà production of vaccines. The protein, defined by scholars as a kind of “superanticorpo”, is extremely versatile and this allows the vaccine that contains not be changed becauseé able, year-on-year, to cope with the influenza viruses and their mutations.

The research has been conducted by the Dutch Goudsmit and Robert Friesen of the Crucell Vaccine Institute and by the american Ian A. Wilson of the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla.

The results have been published in Science Express. The data refer to the experiments carried out on lab rats to which were administered lethal doses of the più important strains of influenza virus B.

The researchers explained that the presence of CR9114 protected mice from both virus subtypes from the certain types of viruses.

Wilson has made it clear that “it is the only antibody in the world to have demonstrated these propertiesà”.

The scientist has added that “to develop a vaccine or a therapy, anti-influenza-a truly universal one of the key factors is to be able to provide protection against the virus types A and B. And with this new study we now have antibodies able to neutralize both of them in extended mode”.

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To achieve the result the researchers photographed the molecular structure of the virus with the help of x-rays. Have, therefore, tried to locate on the surface of the virus, the exact point on which we attach the antibodies in the attempt to remove it.

once you have identified the affected part, scholars have been able to verify as the CR9114 was able to neutralize influenza viruses A and B.

In every way, to get to the development of a universal vaccine sarà necessary to wait for new developments in the search.

12 August 2012