> Parkinson’s disease, research in italy turns up the “protein ” sentry”

The Italian research in the first row, with the discovery of “protein-sentinel” in the brain and protects from alzheimer’s disease.

researchers at TheNational Institute of Neuroscience (Inn), co-ordinated by  Marina Pizzi and PierFranco Spano, have led to a study on mice, published in the journal Brain.

participated in The research of the università Italian Cagliari, Brescia and Verona with the English Cambridge and the u.s. Cornell.

According to the results, the protein, which is called c-Rel, è able to prevent the onset of Parkinson’s disease and not è excluded that can become the target of further research and therapies.

The c-Rel plays the role of protector of the mitochondria from the damaging effects produced by the action of free radicals. When this central energy of the brain are damaged, è whyé the protein c-Rel has stopped working, or more simply is not più produced.

At this point, the symptoms that characterize the disease arise from a slowness of movement that appear to be uncoordinated and characterised by a certain rigidityà, difficultiesà to maintain the posture.

tests carried out on mice is evident as the absence of the protein c-Rel has produced in rodents with an age of 18 months, which correspond to 60 years of man, a loss of neurons in the so-called black substance, and then to the appearance of the disease.

Marina Pizzi explained that “the production of free radicals increases in the situations of greatest energy expenditure, and our body is always engaged in balancing the harm to the load of the structures più exposed,  resorting to the activation of protective mechanisms”.

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Now, with the advance of the età this adjustment mechanism progressively decreases in effectiveness. The result that occurs is an imbalance “in favour of an excess of free radicals and thus damage to cells and tissues,” explained the researcher.

Lace has, therefore, clarified that the parties più affected are those in the black substance, for precisely which is rich in mitochondria.

The next steps explained Pizzi, will be to understand how c-Rel, whose task is to defend the mitochondria throughout the body, “may play a role così crucial precisely to the level of the cells of the black substance”.

Here, then, is that the research indirizzerà towards the identification of a strategy able to put into action the protein sentinel c-Rel.

The time for the development of pharmacological therapies, however, will be long, he explained Pizzi.

In Italy the cases of Parkinson’s disease are about 220 thousand, with an incidence of 2% of the population over 65 years (data ISS).

più the town above the age of 60, hits at an età average of 55 years, but they are not the rare diagnosis of around 40 years. The rate of incidence increases, however, significantly with the età.

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20 agosto 2012