> Pillolo for the man, he approaches the oral contraception male

The “pillolo” for men may come early, a recent research published on Cell illustrates the situation regarding the trial of the birth control pill for men.

at The base there is a molecule called JQ1, so far tested on mice. The study carried out by Texas University proves that the pill will be free of side effects.

Qinglei Li, who led the research, explained that it is a molecule capable of stop the spermatogenesis, the maturation process of the spermatozoa, is therefore able “to make non-fertile sperm in a healthy way and without risk”.

The researcher has added to that by working on mice è was possible to verify how the pill is based on the JQ1 affects “drastically on the production of sperm, and another good news is that it seems to date do not indicate any side effect.

experimentation on mice has in fact found that, after discontinuing the intake of the compound, the reproduction of sperm resumes normally back on the pre-treatment levels, and the offspring will not haveà problems of health.

The molecule JQ1, actuallyà, è been identified occasionally in the course of testing a treatment against the cancer.

Già last August we gave you the news of us researchers of the u.s. Institution Dana-farber and the college of Baylor.

The tests performed on JQ1 about 350 laboratories related to the same conclusions. The noveltyà, he had explained to James Bradner, who directs the study, is that this is the first experiment that does not contemplate the use of hormones, but of a synthetic molecule.

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these Are years that you try to put a point to the men an oral contraceptive. The difficulty, always encountered were related to the fact that, while the woman produces a monthly only  the egg, the man produces millions of sperm.

therefore, it Seems that the studies  on the contraceptive pill and the male has finally found a road, but it will takeà of course, more time. We are still in the experimentation on the mice, to be necessaryà go to the one on the man and it will takeà still a pò patience.

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8 September 2012