> Transplants between the living, the Marine: well, the law, now the information is vital

donation partial lung, pancreas and intestine is possible after the green light definitive of the law. Strictly free of charge, the purchase and sale is absolutely forbidden.

After the Chamber, the Senate has given its ok to the proposal of the law founded on the initiative of the PD. Così the donation part of these organs was added to the già clears liver and kidneys.

“Salverà a lot of human lives”, says he’s satisfied the president of the Commission, Sanità of the Senate, Antonio Tomassini.

With the text you fired, is very short, all the bureaucratic problems that are necessary to obtain the permission of the judges to proceed to the donation from a living person.

Before this new law, to adjust the matter, there was the article 5 of the civil code, which prohibited all those acts which provided “a permanent decrease of the integrityà physics”, subject to the donation of a kidney and partial liver.

generally, organ donations take place between relatives, very narrow, mainly is the parents who give to their children.

In the absence of direct relationship or inidoneità, the donation willà be open to people with a kinship più distant or foreign.

“The approval of this law is a step forward important, in particular for the hundreds of children and teenagers who are waiting for a second chance with a transplant,” said Ignazio Marino (PD), Chairman of the parliamentary Committee of inquiry on the effectiveness and efficiency of the National Health Service.

For the doctor-senator, this law allows you to “save the lives of young patients suffering from a terrible disease such as cystic fibrosis, which in Italy are 1 in every 3,500 live births”.

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But also the other 100 thousand people with type 1 diabetes, or those in need of a transplantation of the intestine, ” explains Marino, they can avail themselves of the opportunity; the opportunities offered by this law.

“This type of transplant, in fact, può to return to a full life to thousands of people who would otherwise be condemned to artificial nutrition through a vein”, he adds by calling attention to what time is needed to do.

Dissemination of information of the culture of living donation, Says Marino, pointing to the differences between Italy and other countries.

In our Country, for example, only 8% of kidney transplants is performed thanks to a donation from the living, in the Netherlands it is 54%, in Britain by 37% and Germany 22%.

From here, the need to launch a massive and continuous campaign of information and awareness, so thaté you know that it is “possible to donate a kidney to a loved one condemned to dialysis”.

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14 September 2012