> Smoking: towards a drug that eliminates the withdrawal symptoms from nicotine

The research is being carried out by researchers in the Verona of the Aptuit Centre for Drug Discovery and Development, a private research institute american.

What you are trying to achieve is a drug that is able to eliminate the symptoms arising from the lack of nicotine intake, a circumstance that occurs when you stop smoking.

so Far the tests are limited to the baboons and mice. Animals made dependent on the substance, has been administered the experimental drug,  and, thanks to magnetic resonance, were detected results defined by the researchers as “encouraging”.

The molecule object of the study, published on the However, it acts on receptors for dopamine, a hormone associated with the pleasure and sense of reward.

What the scientists found and that taking the drug does this in a way that these receptors do not feel the presence of the hormone.

According to the researchers, given the good results, sarà can in a short time to experiment on humans .

“it is possible to eliminate dependence without abstinence that usually is associated with – explained the scholars, and after human trials, the drug could become part of those used to stop smoking”.

good news, even if the addiction to nicotine is not; the only problem of smoking in the world are estimated to be a billion.

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17 September 2012

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