> Stroke: blood protein limits damage, più time for medical intervention

To report it; a new research conducted by Maria Grazia De Simoni, director of the Laboratory of inflammation and nervous system diseases of the Mario Negri Institute of Milan.

The study, carried out thanks to the collaboration of researchers from italy and abroad, has been published on the important magazine Circulation and is funded in part by the Ministry of Health and the Cariplo Foundation.

De Simoni has explained the importance of the study, which reveals “a completely new mechanism responsible for the brain damage induced by stroke, very early, and characterized by the deposition of protein MBL on the microvessels in cerebral ischemic”.

on The other, adds the scientist, the work has shown “that interfere with this mechanism by blocking MBL with different pharmacological strategies can reduce the brain damage with a therapeutic window of intervention for 18-24 hours.”

The experimentation, carried out on experimental animal models clinically relevant to cerebral ischemia, è managed to achieve the result of a strong reduction in the ischemic damage using an antibody that blocks MBL and a new molecule.

Some step forward in the management of patients with ischemic has been done, however the outcomes of a stroke are still unfavorable. However, it remains one of the major causes of death and the leading cause of disabilità severe in industrialized countries.

which is Why, explains De Simoni, “è need to identify new effective therapies against stroke have a therapeutic window più wide, with the goal of increasing the percentage of patients who can benefit from it”.

The recent discovery, adds the researcher, “it confers protection even when working many hours after the ischemic event, and letà to develop a new and promising therapy for patients affected by stroke.”

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18 September 2012