> Transplants: Two mothers swedes give the uterus to the daughters

Two items are worthy of attention, solidarityà and the generosity; of the mothers towards their daughters and waysà of the medicine of transplants.

The two women recipients have 30 years, a is born without a womb due to a congenital malformation, the other has it lost because of a tumor.

Perhaps their dream of a pregnancy and you willà to build thanks to their respective mothers who have donated the organ.

The event è was completed by a team of 10 doctors led by professor Mats Braennstroem.

All four women are well, they did know the health. The mothers egg donors, are già feet, and will be discharged in a few days.

with regard To the daughters receiving necessaryà wait for about a year when they will be under observation.

Both have già started by the time the procedures for in-vitro fertilization, and if in a year there will be no complications will be able to receive the embryos that are now frozen.

Brannstrom is cautious in expressing optimism and says that “only if the recipient will be able to have children, we will consider the intervention a success.”

An operation that represents the first experience in the world of this type, notwithstanding the attempt of the last year brought to an end in Turkey, where forò the donation was not among the living, the organ in fact was taken to a deceased woman.

the Transplants between the living, the Marine: well, the law, now the information is vital

19 settembre 2012

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