> Transplantation of the cornea, the laser improves outcomes and accelerates healing

The corneal transplant is to record a large step forward with the latest techniques using the new femtosecond laser. Pass the scalpel of the surgeon.

About a hundred years ago was performed the first corneal transplant, by then, surgical techniques and therapies have always più reduced the use of the scalpel.

Now with the new femtosecond laser you get a healing più quick and minor complications.

The healing occurs in shorter times and, as the final outcome, the acuità the visual is better, while reducing the astigmatism.

Also, you go back to see after a few weeks, while the removal of the sutures it is possible after approximately six months, instead ofé the 12 required with traditional technique.

The result is made possible thanks to the precision of the laser allows an accuracy of the intervention, before to be unreachable with the old techniques of using hand tools.

In summary, the use of the femtosecond laser facilitates a better integration of the transplanted tissue.

professor Aldo Fronterre’, a specialist in corneal Surgery at Milan and Pavia, he explained that “The use of this laser allows to improve the accuracy and safety of interventions with an optimal adaptation between the donor and the recipient. These features allow a wound to heal better and more quickly, then a low astigmatism and a shooting visual più fast”.

The number of transplants that are performed annually in Italy is about 5 thousand. Italy holds the european record in the number of donations, which in 2011 counted 7.246 donors, against the 6.742 2010.

corneal Transplants: the budget 2008

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cornea Transplant: new techniques, custom

19 settembre 2012