> Aspirin effective for preventing cancers, the doubt of the side effects

in Short, the aspirin could be a valuable aid in the prevention of cancer, to recommend you are numerous studies indicating that this popular drug may reduce the probability; of developing cancer of the colon and rectum, in addition to other forms.

This is the summary of it is told by Robert Benamouzig in the course of the congress of the European Society for Medical Oncology to be held in Vienna.

Benamouzig, who heads the department of Gastroenterology, Hospital Avicenne (France), explained that “the efficacy of aspirin in the prevention of cancer of the colon-rectum, and was made evident by the più of twenty years of research”.

The expert he cited a research that involved 14 thousand patients according to which “the aspirin taken every day at any dose has reduced risk of colorectal cancer by 24 percent“.

this Is a study published in 2010, and illustrates the results  “20 years of follow-up of five combined studies, randomized controlled trials evaluating the effect of aspirin on incidence of colorectal cancer and its mortality,à”, clarified Benamouzig.

these Are the results that reopen a reflection never closed in the context of the communityà scientific and which relates to the side effects caused by high doses of aspirin.

Among the secondary effects of deepening c’è for example, the intracranial hemorrhage and gastrointestinal bleeding, said the scientists. But not just that.

For Nadir Arber, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, before using the aspirin for the prevention of cancer, it is important to study the “morbilità and the surgical mortalityà and the overall toxicity isà for every single organ”.

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1 October 2012