> Tumors with a mutated gene, and più red blood cells, the cancer feeds itself

Would be a genetic mutation to be the basis of the mechanisms by which some tumors are self. A recent research, published in the New England Journal of Medicine has identified this mutation.

has been identified by researchers in the united states the National Institute of Child Health & Human Development. The mutation is responsible of the increase of erythrocytes in the tumor tissues.

The erythrocytes are in a nutshell, the red blood cells, the blood cells that carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues (or the carbon dioxide that is a reverse path to be expelled from the lungs).

The discovery, by analyzing the tissues of rare cancers of the endocrine glands, it may facilitate the understanding of the mechanisms by which tumors generate blood cells which are then useful to their development.

The research is based on the study of two patients suffering from a rare form of cancer, paraganglioma. The analysis of the tissue affected by the tumour is then allowed to detect an alteration in a gene, the HIF.

In fact, the one identified by the researchers coordinated by Karel Pacak, è one of the systems possible, with which some types of cancer are able to eat and grow.

in Short, to deepen the study on this road, according to the scientists, could provide important information to make life difficult for the tumors to impede their growth. A road also useful for the treatment of cancers associated with a strong eritrogenesi.

Prevention of cancer

1 October 2012

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