> Breast cancer: increase of weight raises the risk of cancer recurrence

women who have had breast cancer, you should try not to take weight. The indication comes from a recent research that has detected such as in a patient on two, that gain at least six pounds, increases the risk of a recurrence.

The study has been presented at the Congress of the Società european medical oncology held in Vienna, austria and is the result of the work of the team of the Ospedale Perrino Brindisi.

Then, according to the data, 50% of women affected by breast cancer if at the end of the treatment are increased of the weight of at least 6 pounds to be met for a relapse.

The interesting fact is that the risk is; no matter how much you weight at the time of diagnosis. Being obese or normal weight is irrelevant, as is the lose weight later on.

The study has taken into account theBody Mass Index of the 520 women who have had an early diagnosis of breast cancer.

prof. Saverio Cinieri, research coordinator and member of the national Executive Council of the AIOM (Italian Association of Medical Oncology), has explained the importance of the discovery: “: two-point increase in BMI lead to an exponential increase in the risk of recurrence, taking it to 52%. The percentage however is 34% if the increase in BMI is less than two points”.

The expert explained that the weight loss has not provided significant data protection from relapse. “It seems that the body reacts only, among other things, in a negative way, he explained, Cinieri –  when occurs an increase in weight”.

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Here, then, is that for these patients it is important to “check with extreme attention the weight” through a diet and exercise appropriate to the health conditions.

The breast is the cancer which claims more victims among women and every year there are about 13 thousand deaths. Experts estimate that by the end of the current year will be about 46 thousand new cases diagnosed.

If the diagnosis is in the early stages of development of the tumor, the cure rate is high and tends to increase with a rate of survival of 87% at 5 years after diagnosis.

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2 October 2012