> Hiv, the study a new test that is slightlyà to the naked eye

Reliable and economical, may be used in those countries where, due to the high cost, the other systems are not at hand.

Prior to its clinical use sarà necessary to make studies more extended, but the researchers explain that the cost of implementation will be 10 times lower than the test current.

this Is a test that uses the variation of the color in the presence of the virus. And’ in fact able to detect the presence, not only of Hiv but also other viruses, and some of the molecules indicator of cancer.

its operation is explained on the magazine Nature Nanotechnology. It’s a test “to the colors” in which the liquid used change color depending on the presence, or absence, of that which is being sought.

The test può be prepared to locate the different types of viruses, you just need to configure it in a way that proves to be a marker, a sort of fingerprint that reveals the presence of a particular virus.

As for example, a particular protein found on the surface of the hiv virus. If the marker, that is; the protein is present, it triggers a different chemical reaction for which the liquid becomes of a certain color. In the negative case, the color will be different.

this Is a test that allows a visual check to be run to the naked eye, thus making unnecessary expensive reading instruments.

According to the researchers, the test could also be used for making the diagnosis of sieropositività in patients with a viral load too low to be detected with current systems.

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The trial of the performed tests early on, has identified a marker of prostate cancer, in addition to hiv.

Molly Stevens, who led the research, explained that “This method may be used when the presence of target molecules at very low concentrations could improve the diagnosis of the disease. For example, it is important to detect some molecules at concentrations very low, to test the recurrence of the cancer after removal of a tumor”.

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October 30, 2012